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       At One by BEYOND THE GREY

Now Available Worldwide on all Digital Download Platforms!

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The Mediann Man

August 2019

“Unthinkable Tragedy,” comes in with a searing riff, and a blinding vocal performance that truly shifts
the conversation several notches.

Unsigned and Underappreciated- Infrared  Magazine

The 0ctober 2018 release, Now or Never, is a prime example of how a band should evolve from the first EP to their second. I can tell you that I have heard many brilliant first albums only to be heartbrokenly disappointed by the sophomore release. I am uber excited to tell you that Beyond The Grey hit an absolute home run with their second EP. 

Edwin Van Hoof- Headbangers Lifestyle

August 2019

Now Or Never” off the bat takes us into the emotional spectre set by progressive driven drums and loud
slapping bass. Guitars emphasize the melodies and bridge to the emotional outpour.

Nick MCLEAN- The Moshville Times

This Kansas City-based quintet has not succumbed to the pressures of having to play in an outrageous style in order to be noticed, instead of focusing on bringing some straight-forward heavy metal; the kind that doesn’t think twice about landing you square on your ass.


August 2019

Then, with 'Pain' and 'Gravedigger', the two best songs of this album with very catchy guitar riffs that follow, you’ll automatically start to rock. Two class songs that you want to play over and over again. 

Modern Rock Review

Beyond The Grey is a Kansas City based “super group” who has come together to forge a debut EP with a strong alternative vibe along with well-polished performances and sound quality. Highlights include the strong opener “Insanity” and the riff-driven “Counterfeit”.

Pete Devine Dec 2017- UK Pete's Rock News and Views……..UK Blog Feature.

"This is an EP that you simply must have, you must tell your friends about and you must play it. Beyond The Grey have done their bit, now it’s time for us to do ours." 

JD Enke- R.I.P. Productions

Even before I listened to this new Beyond The Grey E.P., I guessed I would love the tracks; and I was right! “Pain“, with its atmospheric sounds leading into a relentlessly heavy, emotion-driven track that sets a killer tone for the rest of the album. Fat bass chugs that will have your head banging, tasty rhythms and bad as hell breakdowns that will leave your brain rattling in your skull; it’s ridiculously good.
Powerful and unforgiving, this new album is everything Beyond the Grey is made of, riffs that showcase the band’s amazing musicianship and versatility, brilliant melodies that creep in amongst the absolutely entrancing vocals mixed with a little ‘softness’ to bring out the best in all of the tracks. The concept behind the album seems to come forth through the music, with every minute you feel consumed, so much so that you become a part of the story itself.”

 Mark Van Sickle, Radio Producer 96.5 The Buzz and DJ

"Heavy guitars, booming bass, driving drum beats and a powerful vocal performance aligns Beyond The Grey with the type of sound you'd expect to hear from your favorite 90's alt-rock bands. They would fit right in alongside other modern rock acts at big festivals across the country including Kansas City's own Rockfest. If you're looking for a band that gives you a modern rock sound while simultaneously being able to take you back to a time when Alt-Rock was at the top of its game, Beyond The Grey is for you." – 

Jessica Spears, Rock Rage Radio

“Beyond the Grey has an intense, riveting sound with wicked rhythmic guitar riffs, soulful lyrics, and an exciting, upbeat tempo — you won’t be able to get enough!”

Cory W. O'Meara ~ Stratgazer Entertainment

Beyond The Grey is rock n roll. What American hard rock should be. Songs you want to hear over and over. Rock is alive and well in Kansas City.


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